Hello and thank you for visiting my campaign website.

I’m running for State Senate on a platform of JOB CREATION, EDUCATION EXCELLENCE and PUBLIC SAFETY.

California is losing 30,000 jobs every month, while Texas is adding over 30,000 jobs monthly.

Obviously, something is wrong in Sacramento. Instead of driving businesses away with high taxes and regulations, we need to roll out the red carpet for new businesses and do everything we can to keep businesses from looking for greener pastures.

I will use my business experience to go to work immediately on JOB CREATION by reforming our state’s regulatory process, rolling-back unnecessary regulations, enacting litigation reform and stopping tax increases.

We also need to improve EDUCATION in our state by spending less on bureaucracy and putting more resources into classrooms, increasing choice for parents and holding everyone involved in our schools accountable.

PUBLIC SAFETY is an issue that touches every neighborhood. I oppose releasing prisoners early, support 3-Strikes, tough laws against gangs and early intervention programs to help our youth make wise choices. I am proud to be endorsed by our Sheriff and District Attorney.

Thanks for visiting. I would be honored to receive your vote on November 4th.

Janet Nguyen
County Supervisor and Small Businesswoman